Wholesale/Licensed Suppliers
Account Application Process:   
  1. Complete the Commercial Credit Application
2. Tax Documents Customer Tax Package
     a. If exempt from state excise taxes for diesel or motor vehicle fuel, provide a copy of your distributor license with in this application.
3. If exempt from state sales taxes on red diesel or lubricants, fill out the Sales Tax Exemption Form 5000.
4. If receiving bulk fuel into an above ground tank, provide a copy of your Arizona UST Exemption Certificate.
5. In order to process your application as quickly as possible the credit department at Pro Petroleum request the following financial statements be submitted:
     a. Balance Sheet
     b. Income Statement
     c. Statement of Cash Flows
     d. Notes to Financial Statements
6. EFT Agreement
*In the event this information is not available, a copy of Schedule "C" of the companies business tax return will be acceptable. This information will remain confidential and will only be used within our organization to determine credit worthiness. Should you have any questions regarding this request please contact our credit manager at 1-800-333-9330 or by email at credit@propetroleum.com
7. Credit Terms Agreement
8. Personal Guaranty
9. Nevada - Statement of Intended use of Dyed Special Fuel