Pro Petroleum operates a combined fleet of one hundred three (103) tractor-trailer rigs, which enable the companies to provide unequaled delivery response to its customers. Company control of delivery vehicles also allows for assured product integrity at the point of delivery. This service has enabled Pro Petroleum to develop long-term relationship with its loyal customer base. The company's transportation operations incorporates the latest technology which adds value to our asset utilization as well as our customers through real-time keep-full services that take the hassle away of inventory management. For more information about our Transportation services please
contact Mike Mathers at 1-800-791-4939 or by email at mmathers@propetroleum.com

Pro Petroleum operates in
Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Louisiana, New Mexico, Nevada, Oklahoma, Texas and Utah.

With our network of refineries, bulk terminal locations, and transportation terminals, we have your transportation and product needs covered.

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Our products include Diesel (all grades), Gasoline (all grades), Biodiesel, and Aviation Fuels.

We commit to exceeding our customers expectations. Our customer base consists of resellers, end users, municipalities, school districts, and aircraft manufacturers. Our Company is proud of its relationship with the City of Phoenix and its supply and delivery contract with the Department of Defense. We are a certified ICC carrier and have developed a transportation customer base with our assortment of Transportation Services. Let us show you how to take the stress out of Transportation Services and Inventory Management by strategically partnering with us.

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